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Mattias Larsson
English game linguist
Localization is the act of bridging the vast gaps between cultures; transforming an, for the intended reader, all Greek message into fully comprehensible and enjoyable information conforming to the intended culture’s language and thought model.
Eric Neagle
English game linguist
Translation and localization as a whole requires that you embrace the game’s original character, whilst also transposing it into a different context. This very often demands your creative, even imaginative input as translator.
Chinese game linguist
When localizing your favorite game, you need experience with CAT tools, boldness to adopt translations of abusive fidelity, and flexibility to converse between cultures. However, in the end, to become a truly great localizer, you need the heart of a gamer.
Completed Projects
  • Chinese Parents
  • Necrobarista
  • Identity V
  • Lord of Dungeon
  • Metro Redux
  • LX
  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker
  • Diluvion
  • The Monster Chef
  • Moew Motors
  • Chaos Masters
  • Cadria Item Shop
Why Yeehe?
Rooted in Gaming
We are avid gamers and are exclusively focused on the gaming industry. Games permeate our lives, they are the air we breathe.
Global Interconnections
Our partners are located all over the world, and have cooperated with us to aid in the completion of almost 1,000 projects to date.
Language Coverage
We work with a large variety of East and Southeastern Asian languages as well as those throughout Europe.
Talent Development
Our holistic localization training system encourages capable newcomers to the field to shine even brighter.