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Community Management

Yeehe excels at fostering and maintaining player communities across such social media as Facebook, Discord and Twitter. These platforms are a bridge between you and the player, the channel by which you share your exciting events with them all. We're here to ensure that all community content fits the language and social media customs of the target language.

Yeehe's Process

Community management is a long-term, cyclical responsibility in which our community teams strive to get to know the audience and their needs even better. It's with this that we become a close-knit part of the community itself. It's a responsibility that starts with preliminary target-market research + competitor analysis in the early stages, then research upon experimental activities held across social platforms + staggered, targeted content releases. In the later stages, future content to be pushed to each platform is customized to better suit the platform and its users.

The Steps We Take

Taking on the project, and gaining a basic understanding of it and the target market.

Team heads carry out target-market research & competitor analysis based on the project and its target audience.

Management staff are selected based on these results, forming a community management team.

The team holds discussions based around these research results and the project particularities, drafting up a 'Preliminary Management Manual‘.
This includes:
a) An intro to the product (game) and its highlights.
b) Target-market research & competitor analysis.
c) Management approaches, tailored for each of the main social community platforms to be focused upon.
d) Tentative management orientation plans (split into stages: first announcements, warm up events, official release; and also user bases: core, and general).
The Steps We Take
Developing event calendars and market plans in tandem with the developers and distributors, in order to draft the following month's schedule:

a) Accurate to-the-day monthly community schedules.
b) Monthly main targets & goals for each of the main social community platforms to be focused upon.
c) Content, announcements & events to be put out at set times as part of game/market campaigns.
d) Plans for incentivized community events (e.g. seasonal/festive events) & their content (text, art etc.).
e) Prep for regular, non-incentivized community events to engage users, bringing you and the community closer together.
f) 'Tips & Tricks' series of events released after making reference to community feedback, further enhancing their enjoyment of the game.
g) Hot-topic content released to draw in users, focusing around current affairs and popular events.
The Steps We Take
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Conducting data analysis on all the content we've put out across the main social media platforms to improve future content releases.

Fostering Super Communities: Our Work with DC

DC Worlds Collide is a game set within the DC universe, backed by DC itself. It's garnered a brilliant response from players and gained fans worldwide.
Key challenges for this project included negotiating between the parent company DC and our Client. On top of this, we were tasked with examining what it is that players and fans considered most important, then arranging corresponding events and core content, as well as opinion leader guidance and cooperation.
Community management is, in a lot of ways, a way in which we do all we can to get to know the players—and step into their world, the world of the game itself.

Jaehyeon Kim


Community Manager

To a certain extent, community operation is to try to become the best friend of players in this small game world through various screens
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