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Customer Support

A game's nothing without its players. But if you're going to keep that player base and grow it further, you'll need to make sure any difficulties they have are solved swiftly and with a smile.
In the advent of a world in which games are truly global, it's perhaps this that poses the greatest challenge. How do you cater to the needs of a hugely diverse player base, situated all around the globe? Whether it's troubles with purchases or in-game issues, Yeehe's customer support is the answer. Our support teams bridge the gap between you and your global player base, making things right for all across a range of platforms including Helpshift, AIHelp and Zendesk.

Yeehe's Process

An expert customer support team can often be simplified into three main personnel: multilingual project managers, in-depth quality inspectors (individually assigned to each language pair), and an executive team. We offer single and multi-project integrated support solutions. These all include tailor-made support training systems and service plans for each of our clients, ensuring that our support staffs' training, performance and evaluation are all flawless from start to finish.

The Steps We Take

Project Manager

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 11.31.26 PM.png

Leadership, planning, quality control.

Quality Manager


Support Staff

Swift and accurate responses.

Moderation, urgent issue handling.

We receive your customer support materials & info.

  • Support process (how different issues should be dealt with as they arise).

  • Initial complaints response templates, code tables for items & packs distributed.

  • Support platforms, GM accounts & links.

All necessary prep work is carried out.

  • PMs finalize the support staff requirements for each language, according to your particular project and its requirements.

  • PMs make note of the game type in assigning support staff, dividing them into project teams, and formulating their schedules.

  • Project teams run through the game in advance to get familiarized, while PMs work to improve the complaints response templates.

  • PMs conduct training for all support staff.

Support and feedback services.

  • Support staff become fully familiarized with both the game and support platform to be used.

  • Under PM supervision, staff respond to support tickets according to their language/ticket type.

  • We design and fill out a daily/weekly feedback form that best fits the project in question, providing you with regular feedback.

  • We keep a close eye on the support given: including support response time analysis, overall satisfaction & complaint characteristics. These are investigated and any possible improvements are suggested to you in regular reports.

Specialized training and quality control.

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Customer Support: The Right Way

Genshin Impact launched in October 2020, rapidly gaining traction around the world. While it has countless loyal players, it's also got a ton of support tickets to deal with around the clock, day after day, from all over the planet. That's where we step in.
Genshin is a classic example of a game with high-volume, multi-language support demands. Oftentimes, huge amounts of urgent support demands were needed; it called for a support team that operated across time zones; and it required we provide customer support fitting of the game, its player base and particularities. A challenge, certainly, but one to which our team rose with flair.

Jaehyeon Kim


Customer Support Manager

A practiced support team must be capable of the magic that keeps the game going: they're players' emotional support, the ones with all the answers, and the ever-attentive helpers that dev teams can always rely upon.
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