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Join the Team

Yeehe is a team suitable for embracing dreams and highly tolerant of young people.

Passion for the game, dynamism, and responsibility are three qualities we value. If you have a heart for gaming and want to combine your career direction with a lifelong hobby, join us!

Tell us the city you yearn for, choose your career direction, and start now!

All who love to dream big, young or old, are welcome to join the Yeehe family.

We value three things above all in our community of experts, and that's an ardent love for gaming, a bubbly attitude and a sense of responsibility. Perhaps you're an avid gamer and want to work doing what you love—well, we're only a click away!
Tell us which Yeehe branch you'd like to join (Beijing/Qingdao/Guangzhou), what role you'd take on, and get involved!
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