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In our dubbing and voice-over work, we breathe life into your characters.
Yeehe is equipped with professional dubbing teams with a wealth of multi-lingual project experience under their belts, ready to provide voice work in English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, French, German and more. And there's more than just practiced native speakers in our teams, too. Our expert voice-over directors are natives who lend support to projects, ensuring the quality of each.

Yeehe Dubbing Services

Here at Yeehe, we've got the services of expert voice-over artists from all over the planet at our fingertips. They're ready to take on projects at a moment's notice from their offices in Beijing, the USA, Japan, Korea and elsewhere.
We're capable of providing you voice-over services including:
Character voice-overs
Promotional materials for your games
Cutscenes/animated sequence voice-overs

Voicing a Whole New World

Revelation Online's English Dub
Revelation has proved to be one of the most well-received MMORPGs of the past few years, gaining millions upon millions of players in the time since its release. Its combat and skills broke exciting new ground, helping make it a whole new world for players across the globe to dive into and enjoy.
Yeehe lent Revelation Online its full support, providing an English dub in which many different talented voice actors came together to record for the project: in total, almost 8,000 sentences!

Eric Neagle


Voice-over director

As a voice-over director, you interface with both the client and the VAs themselves to steer production in the right direction. Making sure scripts shine and VAs are never left in the dark is a necessity, and part of the joy of the job, too: you’re the oil in the engine, keeping everything flowing so that everyone involved achieves their full potential.
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