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LQA Game Testing

Language Quality Assurance 

Most projects generally require three rounds of LQA. This entails playing through the game with the localisation in-place at least three times. Included services: Language proof reading, cultural aspects, general playability and functional checks, bug reports + LQA reports

Completed Projects

We Offer

Post-Translation & LQA

  • Complete the plain text translation

  • Create a special test group

  • Bring the text back to the game

  • Write a localisation test report 1.0

  • Import the revised back to game

  • Write a localisation test report 2.0

  • Submit the final text

  • Real-time subsequent text iterations respond

  • Free revising text updates


In generally, LQA has three step, which each time the team will import the text back into the game for test review and report accordingly. LQA testing services including; language review, cultural aspects, operations, functional check and BUG reports.

Video Game Invention

Bringing an immersive experience to gamers worldwide

Ingenious translation with high-quality translation, transcreation of cultural aspects by expert transcreation for poetry, advertisement, marketing and more. 

Gamer proofread who expert gamers of various genres, immersive and accurate proof-reading for gamers

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